Simply Staging by Amy

SSA will maximize the flow of properties for Home Sellers, Builders, & Realtors; creating an environment featuring market value. SSA will help the property to sell quickly for maximum $, while providing professionalism, friendliness, efficient organization, & exceptional customer service!

I take the stress out of preparing a house for selling.

I can show you how to save thousands of dollars by telling you exactly where to spend your money for your best Return-On-Investment.

In just a few short hours I can put together a report, pick paint colors, show you what to do, AND I can Stage your home in just 1 day, for your best Return-On-Investment! Sellers work with me to alleviate stress, save more money, and have more energy to move!!

Selling your home in today's market is not easy. Your house must stand above the competition and allow the potential buyer to envision it becoming their home. Simply Staging by Amy will help transform your home into a showcase that will appeal to everyone. Simply Staging by Amy can walk through a home with buyer's eyes and make objective recommendations regarding this. 3 key factors to a successful sale...1) Price. 2) Marketing. 3) Presentation. Your Realtor should be able to help you with the pricing according to your home's current market value as well as local comps; however, a Home Stager specializes in staging. Allow Simply Staging by Amy to help you get that "SOLD" sign in your front yard quicker!!

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Home Stager

Professional Home Staging is not only for homes that are a “mess” but it also makes a huge difference in the selling price for homes that are “typical”.

1. You will make a LOT more $$$! In a recent survey of over 3500 homes professionally Staged, over 50% sold for 10% more $ than their un-Staged neighbors' home. In fact, statistics show that it doesn’t matter whether the home is vacant, occupied, a fixer or a beauty — when Simply Staging by Amy gets a hold of it, an average 10% better sales price can be expected!

2. The cost of Staging...doesn't cost a DIME! When the seller spends an average of 1% of the value of their home on Staging, they see an average of 1000% return on investment! I understand that sellers can be nervous that the Stager is going to tell them to make expensive improvements to the home, but the reality is that Simply Staging by Amy will suggest only improvements that will have a BIG IMPACT on buyers and a good return on investment will be recommended. That same home Staging survey of over 3,500 homes sold showed an average 1000% return on investment when the seller spent a mere 1% of the value of their home.

3. Your home will sell much faster! In a recent Real Estate Staging Association Survey of 1081 homes, un-staged homes spent an average of 184 Dom (days on market) before staging. professionally Staged homes spent 90% less time on the market. after staging, these homes sold on average in 41 days. homes that were staged prior to going on market sold on average IN 23 DAYS. Staging has always had an impact on the speed of sale, but in this market, I think it’s wise to be the Stager known for getting top dollar for your clients, not just a speedy sale.

4. Buyers can visualize themselves living there! In a recent National Association of Realtor Survey, over 81% of buyers said it was easier to visualize the STAGED property as their next home. The moment the buyer is visualizing themselves in the home, the offer comes next.  Why?  Because people buy on emotion and being able to “see” your family living in the space is essential!

5. Online home photos will stand out! According to NAR, over 90% of buyers are online first looking at photos of the home before they go visit or call an agent. What’s the point in hiring a professional photographer if the room is not completely dialed in? The combination of Staged room and professional photos really connect with potential buyers online.  In fact, there are many folks “considering” a move but won’t pull the trigger till they see the right home online.  Don’t you want to be the agent to get that first phone call about your listing?

6. Home sellers cannot view their home objectively. If you can't view objectively, you can't package effectively and it's nearly impossible for a seller to be objective about their home. The seller that thinks they can Stage their home themselves has no idea of the impossibility of that process. Why? Because Staging your own home is like asking you to be objective about your children.  Our homes are filled with the emotions of living there and the items we’ve purchased on emotion, so how can we possibly be objective about merchandising each space?

7. Your home's "flaws" can be overlooked. According to NAR, almost 1/3 of buyers will "overlook property faults when a home is professionally Staged"! Sometimes there are problems with the property that just can’t be fixed by Staging but can be alleviated.

8. You can RELAX! You will have the satisfaction of knowing you have done everything possible to get a quick sale and not leave money on the table. Did you know that “Moving” was listed as a top five most stressful event in a person’s life? In order, “Death of a Loved One”, “Divorce”, “Moving”, “Major Illness”, and “Job Loss” were the biggest, most stressful events in people’s lives.  Even if you were moving up, it’s considered highly stressful! The whole point to Staging is to help the seller get packing early, organized for showing their home on the fly and helping them have the peace of mind of getting the best price.

9. Most agents consider it a critical necessity! According to a recent survey of Real Estate experts, Home Staging was listed as a TOP 2 necessary item for sellers. Most experts agree that Staging is a critical necessity to selling successfully in the 2019 market.  I know it’s frustrating for agents to convince sellers to use a professional Stager.  According to the survey, Staging was listed as the second most critical action item for the seller to do when selling their home, so letting them know this statistic by Real Estate experts is a good one!

10. NOT Staging...will only help to sell your competition! Competition can be stiff and buyers have very high expectations. Successful agents know that the key to competing is professional Staging because it creates great online presentations, drives buyer traffic to the home, and BRINGS IN OFFERS! Staging benefits the home seller more than anyone else….not the Agent…not the Stager. While the Agent and Stager are invested in helping the seller get the most money from the sale of their home, if the seller just doesn’t want to listen, then so be it.   The seller doesn’t have to do anything…but there are consequences which are usually doled out in the form of price reductions.  Don’t help to sell your competition when all you need to do is hire Simply Staging by Amy!!