Simply Staging by Amy

SSA will maximize the flow of properties for Home Sellers, Builders, & Realtors; creating an environment featuring market value. SSA will help the property to sell quickly for maximum $, while providing professionalism, friendliness, efficient organization, & exceptional customer service!

I take the stress out of preparing a house for selling.

I can show you how to save thousands of dollars by telling you exactly where to spend your money for your best Return-On-Investment.

In just a few short hours I can put together a report, pick paint colors, show you what to do, AND I can Stage your home in just 1 day, for your best Return-On-Investment! Sellers work with me to alleviate stress, save more money, and have more energy to move!!

Tip #1: LESS IS MORE!!! Remove all clutter so the buyer is able to see what the space looks like; and they can visualize themselves living there.

Tip #2: Depersonalize the home. You want the potential buyer to come into your home able to see what each space is supposed to be, but you don't want them to see that your family lives there. They need to be able to see their own family potentially inhabiting the space.

Tip #3: Curb appeal is just as important as staging the interior of your home. It is the potential buyer's first impression of your property. Keep grass mowed, edged, and watered. Make sure the yard and porch are kept neat and clean.

Tip #4: Be sure to have nice furnishings; not stuff from your college days; so it's pleasing to the eye of the buyer.

Tip #5: As with the exterior; keep the interior of the house clean. Make your beds, clean and put away dishes AND laundry, remove toothbrushes and shampoos, and pick up toys.

Tip #6: Make it bright! Open shades/blinds, turn on lights, use mirrors to reflect light. Use warm, neutral tones.

TIP #7: Put the homes best features on display! Do you have a view from your dining room? a walk-in closet to die for? marble countertops in your kitchen &/or bath? Show them off!!

TIP #8: decorate with fresh flowers. floral arrangements are a great way to accent your home. they add a splash of color to any room that needs one.

TIP #9: Freshen up your kitchen and bathrooms. invest in some nice towel sets and rugs, and if you've got a little extra money to spare redoing the tile can have a big payoff!

TIP #10: Leave pets with a sitter. make sure to keep your pets out of site for a showing. also, remove any traces (hair, litter box) to present your home in its cleanest fashion.

TIP #11: fix it up. a broken door handle or chipped paint can be distracting and misrepresent your home.

TIP #12: clean out your closet. this will allow viewers to see it as it will actually look when they move in.'re moving anyway...lets get that stuff boxed and stored!

TIP #13: freshen up with paint. choose neutral colors that don't distract.